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DCS Purchase2Pay Solution

The DCS Purchase2Pay solution is now used by over 150 organisations across a number of sectors including Education, Housing, Not for Profit and Finance.

The solution can be installed on your local network, hosted as part of a private cloud or organisations can subscribe to the Cloud option. This look and feel brings together the benefits of HTML V5 and .Net, along with DCS’s 20 years’ P2P implementation experience, to deliver an easy to use and very functional product.

Hosted Catalogues and integration to Electronic Invoice Exchanges extend the scope of the existing solution. These new developments will remove paper, inaccuracies and delays between Suppliers and Buyers.

The approach for the purchasing and payables function is to provide organisations with a transparent, fully integrated Purchase Order and Invoice Payment process. The interface is designed to be more modern in appearance with most commonly used options available as part of a user’s dashboard.

All of the menus and screens can be tailored to individuals or groups. Smart grid searching, sorting and filtering are now provided across the whole application. Using the tabbed format, Approvals Inbox, Orders, Invoices and Reports can all be open at the same time. Documents such as Orders, Deliveries or Invoices can be viewed in separate widows on second screens.

The main benefits achieved to-date as a result of implementing the DCS solution include;

• A dramatic reduction in the time it takes to process Orders and Invoices
• Visibility of commitments – by placing orders, buying using a formal process, providing documented evidence of order and commitments for accurate budgeting
• Administration centres can manage by exception e.g. only invoices that do not match orders need invoice approval
• A considerable reduction in data entry for invoices as the data entry takes place over the Web in the location
• Queries can be answered quickly – The Administration centre and the location or school have full visibility of the source document directly associated with the transaction and therefore queries can be quickly answered
• The system has removed the issues of lost and delayed invoices resulting in late payments and a lot of telephone queries

Sourcing Procurement Finance
  • Vendor Management
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Authoring
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Portal
  • Catalogs
    • Internal
    • Punch-out
  • Purchase Requests
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receiving
  • Requests For Quote
  • Dashboards
  • Budgets
    • OpEx
    • Projects/CapEx
  • Invoice Scanning
  • Invoice Automation
  • Asset Management
  • Account Payables


Add-ons Core Services
  • Group Purchasing Org.
  • Invoice OCR Scanning
  • Fleet Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Organizational Charts
  • Purchasing Categories
  • Dynamic Workflows
  • Audit
  • Users & Rules
  • Security
  • System Administration
  • System Integration
  • Supplier Integration
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Alerts & Notifications