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Automate Invoice Processing, Integrate with other Financial Systems

DCS e-Invoicing Solution

The DCS e-invoicing solution is delivered as a fully managed service that enables the removal of paper invoices from your organisation. Your accounts payable team no longer need to scan or re-key invoices into your accounting package, reducing the time it takes to process invoices and more importantly improve accuracy. It also enables you to have a single electronic access point for the receipt of all invoices and other creditor documents.

The Aberdeen Group estimates that ‘Paper Invoices cost 74% to 89% more to process than electronic invoices’. The solution, when implemented, is proven to deliver savings in Public Sector organisations of up to £9.00 per invoice in processing costs.

The solution also enables public sector organisations to be compliant with the Enterprise and Employment (SBEE) Act where the UK Public Sector is obliged to implement e-Invoicing. This initiative, according to the Parliamentary Inquiry on Electronic Invoicing will save the UK government an estimated minimum of £2 billion per annum.

For non UK organisations, the European eProcurement Directive (2014/55/EU) says ‘all EU public sector organisations must be able to accept e-Invoices by 2020’. To ensure implementation of this directive the solution is PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) compliant and verified by the OpenPEPPOL standards authority.


The EIP service enables all of your suppliers (not just the largest) to send electronic invoices to you. Regardless of the method used to create or send invoices, the EIP service validates and converts all invoices to a format that can be easily imported in to your accounts payable application.

The web portal provides all suppliers with information regarding the status of their invoices, reducing the number of invoice queries your teams receive. It also enables Suppliers to upload spreadsheets etc. to the system.

As the solution is PEPPOL complaint a supplier can use a Portal of choice and the DCS Access Point will accept and process these invoices. This saves suppliers having to sign up for a variety of portals to send e-invoices.

The solution has a powerful combination of easy-to-use but feature-rich functionality, including rule based invoice validation and automated coding of non-po related invoices. This approach is designed to reduce the effort required by your accounts payable department by automatically rejecting invoices that do not meet agreed specifications.
In addition to removing paper from the finance department and increasing efficiency, the e-invoicing solution provides detailed MIS information.

On Boarding Suppliers

Whilst companies can benefit from just onboarding their key suppliers, the benefits available increase considerably if all suppliers move to paperless invoicing. The e-invoicing solution makes it as easy as possible for suppliers big and small to send you invoices electronically.

To assist you onboard Suppliers the implementation team will communicate with your suppliers to find out which method of sending invoices to you is most suitable for them.

Suppliers can use the service in a number of ways including:-

• Through the DCS WebPortal or any other PEPPOL complaint web portal e.g. PAGERO
• By uploading a spreadsheet in an agreed format
• Directly from their accounts payable application via a service provider or sing the client software available from DCS (AS2)

As the SAAS solution is fully scalable you can easily expand upon e-invoicing and transfer additional documents electronically, such as purchase orders, remittance advices, credit and debit notes.