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Reflect Negotiated Supplier Contracts, Minimize errors during the Purchasing Process

DCS e-Catalogue Solution

The-Catalogue solution from DCS integrates with the Purchase to Pay module providing information on products and services offered and sold by a Supplier and supports on-line ordering and payment capabilities. Key elements of the e-Catalogue are product names, product hierarchy, descriptions, prices and both supplier and internal codes.

E-catalogues are predominantly used for procuring frequently purchased goods and services typically as part of a negotiated contract but may also provide the purchasing off other non-core items agreed and made available by Suppliers.

The DCS e-Catalogue module consists of a number of key elements:-

  • An online search and view of all items across suppliers
  • The ability to do comparison shopping and for users to give feedback online about items purchased
  • Enables users to use pre-defined shopping lists for bulk orders and create bulk orders based on the items
  • Contracts are set up on the system and reminders issued to nominated individuals 2 months prior to the end date of the contract
  • Automatic coding can be set up for a number of contracts to make it easier for users to complete orders quickly

The e-Catalogue Data Management Service ensures the quality of product data and facilitates Suppliers to quickly broadcast product and price changes aswell as introduce new items. As part of the service DCS offer to;

  • Engage with Suppliers to ensure accurate line item content in spreadsheet format.
  • Provide this content to the Vendor for review, prior to publishing it to end users for approval.
  • Provide updates to the e-Catalogues as required or requested by the Vendor.